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About me

So, I'm 36 (at the time of writing) I'm married very happily to Peter who loves me doing this and gets so turned on by my members comments and tributes.

I'm 5'10" tall, weigh 10stone (140lb) on a good day and have a 36B bra size.

I am a fully qualified solicitor (lawyer) and used to work for a smallish practice in a rural town in England but we are now resident in Denmark. You can find out the story behind this on my blog.

It was at Peter's 40th birthday treat that we decided to do this. We really thought time was slipping away so made a bucket list of sexual things we both wanted to do. We made a pledge that we would do everything on them only if we were both totally happy and relaxed with the idea and so far we have been! No intention of stopping!

There's much more detail on my blog but heres our bucket list:

1) Taking naughty photographs

2) Flirting online

3) Posting photos on line

4) Website

5) Seducing - Erin - older man; Peter - younger woman

6) Seducing - Erin - younger man; Peter - older woman

7) Bukakee

8) Dogging

9) 3 in a bed

10) Fucking same sex


I'm not prepared to answer any other questions about my family but anything else please do ask. I love intimate and dirty comments!