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Such a bubbly 20 something. Starting her working life on a farm she was looking for something a little more glamorous to do in her spare time as she started modelling. She loves showing off and displaying her undies and is more than happy to get her tits out to be admired (and they are worth admiring!)

She likes to role play and there are some spanking videos of her which are a hoot!

She is also happy to be outside and display heself.

See her preview set here



From the youngest to the oldest. Pauline is just turned 60 in her latest sets, not that she looks it with a superb body and small but suckable tits. (As you will see in her videos!)

Her husband convinced her to start modeling and she took to it like a duck to water willing (and indeed certainly able) to do everything from lingerie/upskirt to hard core porn where her preference for the younger man is very much in evidence.

Her husband chaperones her everywhere and obviously enjoys the cuckood experience of watching her.

See her preview set here




Erin, oh Erin, everyman's wet dream of the MILF next door. In her mid thirties she has a super body, lovely tits and not shy in the least. Erin is as happy to just let us look at her in her underwear as she is with wide open legs and a huge toy firmly deep inside her.

Photo sets and videos of her a plenty

See her preview set here




Another 30 something with the most perfect pair of tits you can imagine which she is more than happy to display along with getting her knickers off and revealing her hairy pussy although no matter how hard I tried she would do open leg shots.

Not to worry, all of her sets reveal how much she enjoys exposing herself for everone.

See her preview set here



Move up to the 40 something,( although only just) Alis is perhaps the most reserved of the SexySix. No matter how hard I tried and how much I complimented her I couldn't get her to strip off.

She's included here though because her legs do on forever and she has a naughty streak a mile wide! Very happy to give me plenty of views up her skirt and not adverse to flashing her undies out in public.

See her preview set here




If you are looking for a glamorous grandmother type, look no further. Into her high 50's Ali has a huge selection of charming and sexy lingerie which she is more than happy to display and occasionally, just occaionally I manage to talk her out of her bra and show her tits on camera.

No videos of her I'm afraid. She was just a bit too nervous for that.

See her preview set here